"Welcome to Set The Bar Beautique Extra Baddies!"
"Welcome to Set The Bar Beautique Extra Baddies!"
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About Us

About Us: 

Welcome to Set The Bar Beautique!

Set The Bar Beautique is a black owned business located in Jacksonville, Florida. Set The Bar Beautique is an online based retail experience where every woman is welcome! No matter your career field or where you come from you deserve to look good and feel good. We are for the woman who takes pride in her appearance, walks with confidence, speaks with clarity, and moves with consistency. The woman who is well dressed, fabulous, strong, independent, resilient, and fearless. The woman who loves to stand out because she hates fitting in with everyone else. The woman who is one of a kind, versatile, creative, and unique in her own special way. Women who love vibrant colors, animal prints, and eclectic pattern styles. The woman who loves to be extra and doing the most because everyone else is not doing enough! The fashionista that walks in the room and takes it over because she knows exactly who she is and what she wants. The woman that walks in her shoes with confidence because she knows her heels are never higher than her standards. Extra Baddies, if you came to set the bar then you came to shop at the right boutique. We offer great quality clothing, handbags, and accessories with unmatched customer service. We offer regular sizes as well as plus sizes so all you need is confidence and courage in order to be extraordinary and rise to any occasion! 

Check us out at www.setthebarbeautique.com and take a look at our affordable pieces. Follow us on Instagram  @setthebarbeautique and become one of our followers.